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Currently the public endpoint was closed. The command below would not work. If you want to try Negy, create your own network. See Create full Negy network on your local pc

First try!✨

If you are a developer, run the following command in a terminal. This request is sent to via the Negy network. Of course, nobody will know that you made the request.

curl -x

If you are not developer, refer to the following document to configure Negy. After setting it up, open the web page in a suitable browser.


As Negy is still in its early stage, it is difficult to browse all websites perfectly. We are currently developing them to make them possible. Your feedback is always welcome.

The configuration you have just tried uses something called Negy's public gateway. However, as a best practice, it is better to set up your own gateway. The following document will show you how to set up your own gateway, but this may be difficult for non-developers. We are currently looking for an easy way for non-developers to set up their own gateway. We would love to hear your feedback.


The port of public gateway ( is 1080