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Join your node to our network🌐

The easiest and most important way to contribute to Negy is to join a node to Negy's network, helping to improve the stability and security of Negy's network. This section describes how to get your surplus resources to join the Negy network.


  • You must have a global IP. If you are behind a NAT you will not be able to connect properly and will get an error on start-up. Make sure you have an IP address that is directly accessible from the Internet.
  • It is recommended to have a Docker environment, which makes it easy to ensure that the Negy nodes are always up-to-date. On the other hand, you can also participate by compiling and running binaries of the Rust programme. However, in that case you always have to compile the latest binaries yourself.

Launch your public node

Negy's official node pool endpoint is Specify it with the --node-pool-endpoint option. Also, make sure that port 3000 is accessible externally, as it listens on port 3000 by default. If necessary, you can change the port to listen on with the --port option.

Execute the command below to launch your node.

docker run -it -d tbrand/negy-node:latest --node-pool-endpoint

When this command is executed, a connection test is performed from the node pool and, if completed successfully, it is registered with the network.